Innovation Strategy & Business Intelligence


Implementing change in a sustainable way requires industry knowledge and a fresh view of possible innovations. Through targeted market analyses, we can identify and assess new opportunities for you. We have access to a broad network in the legal market and especially in the area of legal tech.

Innovation Advice & Market Analysis

Knowing your market is an important part of your own strategy. With Legal Tech, new players are pushing, which is why it is crucial to conduct market and trend analyses. Only in this way important developments can not be missed.

  • Qualitative and quantitative market analyses
  • Deal sourcing (for investors)
  • Trend analyses & new service models

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Even if the jurisprudence is not known for a hand with numbers, it provides important information about one’s own business. A close look and a critical view are therefore very important.

  • Key figure analyses
  • Development of Business Intelligence

Technical Infrastructure

The beA proves to be less satisfactory and many IT structures can be optimized in day-to-day legal work. We support where you need help.

  • Setup and configuration of beA & Co.
  • Development of the firm’s own IT infrastructures