Paul Schirmer

Business Development & Analytics

The digitalisation of the legal market creates new business models and opportunities to fundamentally improve the provision of legal services. In order to take advantage of these opportunities and be part of the change, fresh ideas and the will for constant renewal are needed.

Paul completed his First Legal State Exam this year. Already during his school days he worked on the implementation of his own business models. Today, he deals with the interfaces between business and law. His areas of expertise include the development of new business opportunities and marketing strategies, qualitative and quantitative market analyses, including the exploration of new investment fields for investors and classical project management work.

Charlotte Falk

Communications & Innovation

Only through interdisciplinary networking can we solve the problems of our time. Especially in the legal field, major changes will take place in the next few years which need to be actively shaped.

Charlotte holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications & Business Administration from the University of Mannheim and began her law studies in 2016. Through various projects in communications consultancies, corporate communications of large corporations as well as legal work at law firms, she knows how to apply her know-how. Communication and innovation concepts are her favorite. Her strength is her interdisciplinary background and the resulting sharpened eye for meaningful interfaces.

Jonas Siglmüller

Solution Development & Branding

The legal market must open up for fresh approaches and processes, interdisciplinarity is the key to a world in constant change. As hybrids, we see ourselves as the lawyers of a new generation, as pioneers of profound change.

Jonas hash finished his legal studies, is now ph.D. candidate at LMU Munich and has been working as a web developer on the conceptual design and implementation of technical solutions for large and mid-sized companies since school age. He is driven by the complex demands of tomorrow’s legal market; in artificial intelligence, Big Data and machine learning he recognizes great opportunities to make recurring processes more efficient and to concentrate human resources on complex issues.